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WELCOME TO THE SNOWMOBILE SAFETY AND ACCESS INFORMATION CENTER is the world’s most comprehensive online source for snowmobile safety and access information – truly a one-stop resource for snowmobile clubs and organizations, snowmobiling management agencies, and private and public land managers. The Information Center provides comprehensive information about snowmobile safety training providers and training opportunities, along with safety training materials and resources. A wide range of resources and best management practices to help facilitate snowmobiling access and management are also provided.

About Us

The Snowmobile Safety and Access Information Center is provided by the American Council of Snowmobile Associations in fulfillment of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to support snowmobile safety and access training and product development. Financial assistance for development and operation of the Information Center is provided by FHWA through the Recreational Trails Program.

The American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) is a national nonprofit organization formed in 1995 to unite the snowmobile community and represent the interests of millions of people who enjoy snowmobiling across the United States. It provides respected leadership and a strong voice on national snowmobiling issues; supports state snowmobile associations in their efforts to address state issues; and works to advance the efforts of all organizations promoting responsible snowmobiling in the United States.

ACSA is committed to the advancement and continuation of snowmobiling and accomplishes this mission by:

  • Providing services and educational information to help state snowmobile associations, other members and organizations, and governmental entities maintain and advance snowmobiling opportunities
  • Educating snowmobilers and the public about snowmobiling to increase overall awareness, positive reception, and safety of the sport
  • Building consensus and promoting common goals on national issues
  • Working with government entities to monitor and encourage legislative, policy, and regulatory actions that provide equitable treatment of snowmobiling access, funding, and trail maintenance
  • Uniting with coalitions of other user groups having similar positions in support of motorized recreation to further the protection and advancement of snowmobiling opportunities across the United States


Snowmobile safety training calendar
Use our calendar to locate training, workshops and events nationwide or near you related to snowmobile safety and access topics. The calendar provides state, location, dates, topics and registration information.


Snowmobile safety training calendar
A directory of state and national avalanche and snowmobile safety education providers, along with the most comprehensive collection of online and downloadable snowmobile safety education resources and training materials you’ll find anywhere.


Snowmobile safety training calendar
A comprehensive collection of downloadable and online access resources provides tools to help establish and retain access for snowmobiling. An online library of research studies related to snowmobiling impacts is also provided.


Snowmobile safety training calendar
Share information or solicit technical assistance about educational material sources, curriculum development information, or answers to general questions, as well as find contact information for snowmobile programs and associations.