Snowmobilers sledding along snowy trail
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Research Studies Related to Snowmobiling Impacts


Birds, Bears and Caribou

View this chapter in “Research Studies Related to Snowmobiling Impacts”. Studies for which full reports are available have links below (blue titles only).

  • Eagles
    1. Effects of Winter Recreation on Bald Eagles(1999)
    2. Responses of breeding bald eagles, Haliateetus Leucocephalis, to human activities in North central Michigan
    3. (1992)
    4. Behavioral responses of wintering bald eagles to human activity on the Skagit River, Washington (1980)
    5. Effects of human disturbance on nesting of bald eagles (1976)
  • Pheasants
    1. Effects of snowmobile activity on wintering pheasants and wetland vegetation in Northern Iowa marshes (1978)
  • Trumpeter Swans
    1. Effects of Winter Recreation on Trumpeter Swans (1999)
Bears Mountain Caribou
  1. Snowmobiling and Mountain Caribou: A Literature Review of Stewardship Practices (2007)
  2. A Strategy for the Recovery of Mountain Caribou in British Columbia (2002)
  3. Impacts of Backcountry Recreation Activities on Mountain Caribou: Management Concerns, Interim Management Guidelines and Research Needs (2000)
  4. Selkirk Mountains Woodland Caribou Herd Augmentation in Washington: A Cooperative Interagency Plan (1996)